How can you show that you know how to promote

there are a lot of people will say, I will promote, I have 100 how to get to the first page, how to IP on the one thousand, these are very enviable, but I think this person can say is to promote, but he does not know the promotion, below I say what kind of person is the promotion will be.

first of all, he has a high reputation in the industry, we all mention this name is very like, because he taught all of his selfless to others, everyone has problems, he can solve, mutual help each other.

second; he wants to use the king very understand, the original article is a search engine’s love, no matter what the time will not abandon, he never know the offbeat method, the search engine will never change the principle.

third: keep learning, always walk in front of others, this is the most valuable.

fourth: all kinds of promotion methods, he will, can be handy, no matter which method can do the acme.

fifth: keep improving your reputation. Everyone knows him when he mentions it.

sixth: dare to innovate, dare to search engine on the edge of control, in addition to know why, wrong, never drop their jobs, not because the money is too much for the people to do, that is to promote.

this is my experience of the past few years, in fact, promotion of entry is very simple, but the job is not so easy, now do promotion especially, what are mostly amateur, not a regular company in foreign search engine optimization, many companies in foreign countries are doing, 80% the natural ranking, but in China, on the contrary.

Nest system online Baidu

today, I think he will give up PPC brought billions or more income, which is also a hot dressing, but we also have to admit that this is Baidu a signal to us, that he is going to get rid of PPC, and this is our webmaster should be happy, today I search Harbin website design, there are a dozen before bidding in front of me, not today, I came in first, first days for me to bring more than 10 customers, ha ha.

did not say this, hope that the webmaster to do a promotion of the website will not only SEO, but also know how to promote technology, know the principle which, not blindly promotion, can not let the search engine to pull our nose, welcome to Harbin and the exchange of learning design.

Author: Harbin virtual website design – Zhu Lin

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