Grassroots webmaster thoughts ramble SEO and nothing

do station people, everyone wants to learn SEO, I also be half webmaster, but I still don’t know what SEO is, only know its name is search engine optimization.

, I’m on ADMIN5, too. I see a lot about SEO. But I personally feel that. SEO doesn’t have much.

generally think, SEO is to find more points, the chain to send key word optimization. That’s what makes search engines quick to include and how to cheat.

personally, I think (I’m more grassroots than the grass roots, just suggestions)

if you really want to do a good stop. A station has only one purpose. Is to make money (most), but I also know that many grassroots know a truth, that is, honestly do stand, so. Wait until Baidu included or profitable, we may have no hope of survival. Or, you have a good ranking, there will be a lot of acquisition and a link.

grassroots webmaster really hard to do,


but personally, I think there’s nothing better than that. I once saw an article on ADMIN5. What he said was that he built a music station. Because the ranking is good. The more the hotlinking and acquisition industry, led to his flow instantly fell to the bottom.

later, people never rely on search engines. A year later. Go and have a look occasionally. Baidu actually included more than 10000 pages.

I think now, the difficulty has been kept, not hundred records K way is a kind of, do stand honestly, adapt to the days without Baidu.

is just like my current blog, (not AD), built in April. Baidu is only here once. Nor did I place my hopes on Baidu. Every day to the webmaster collection place is to hear Baidu and K my words. I don’t want to site: my blog now,

himself now has only one blog and is good at making his own first site. But I didn’t find a good location. It didn’t take time. I wouldn’t spend too much time on Baidu. I want to forget the days without Baidu. I wrote my article for the first time. It was just a short time. The veteran don’t laugh.

‘s mind is in a mess. Hope everyone will support


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