Dew talks about the risks and opportunities of investing in CN domain names today

I used to be very optimistic about CN, but now it’s not that good. Today I’ll talk about some of the risks and opportunities of investing in cn.

1. The chance to invest in CN domain names

today I ran into A5 forum, see what news, I went to see someone posted a ultrashort CN can be registered, with a curious heart, I will look into the points, as I expected, I now have three CN domain name can be registered in I’ll check the check, if it is true, I checked 6 three, four have not registered. What does that mean?. The three bit is not registered, they did not renew the fall down, the original one yuan registered CN meters, 35 people now want to renew, may of course not.

people do not want CN meters, is not necessarily bad, and this may be our opportunity to enter the CN meters, any business opportunities are reserved for people with vision. Investment is often proportional to income. Only in the CN downturn when we enter a large number, access to the lowest cost, wait until CN high when it is possible to make money.

two. The risk of investing in CN domain names

The risk of

investing in CN domains is, of course, of no risk and, of course, very low earnings. If the country’s policies are not yet released, new CN meters will be increasingly abandoned. To leave the masses of the people, meters away from personal registration, cheap meters, there will be no big action, nor will be very high speculation. If the future has been registered, CN to 35, registration com to 25, registration CN also troublesome, others will not kill cn meters.

used to grab three CN meters, basically now have hundreds of meters, for them, if want to renew, it will be a very big investment. At this time, they only leave part of the good, go to part of the relatively poor meters. Three no one will want it, it only indicates that there is a CN.

you may want to say, I don’t have the middle minon meters, I go to register, after you earn money. This is not necessarily. The eye must not minon, they are just a relative value of mickey. I like some time ago from a minon received a zu*.cn three miscellaneous meters, I harvest dozens, I do not in the hands of a month, I have successfully shot. Money, of course.

to sum up, the risk of investing in CN meters is very large, the opportunities are great. It depends on how you see it. If the country’s policies are not new, CN will be a dead market. Here, I wish you all luck in the new year. These are some of my own views, talk about relatively shallow, welcome to correct me, and I communicate QQ:93065410 dew CMS website:

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