10 commonly used methods of website hype

China’s Internet has been rife with hype from the start, especially on websites. In order to improve visibility, all kinds of website hype tactics renovation, is to recruit, and a large, crooked trick evil action ", fry method gradually to charming eyes" trend. The drill has thirty-six meter, this website has ten techniques. So many speculation techniques, not recorded, it is regrettable.

protagonist debut

‘s favorite of some cyber heroes. Do not you see, as long as it is now even from the touch of the IT enterprise, there are some sites to preaching the protagonist, always talk with eloquence. And this will open more, you will find a phenomenon that a lantern like always so few people, also said the same words as truth and the right to speak Chinese Internet in the hands of a few people. This is the main tactics, some CNNIC ranked the forefront of the world. An American former president said that the president is a Chinese salesman, became the protagonist of interpretation to the China, became the site of a salesman. In addition to frequent appearances, I really do not know, they usually do not have time to do something else.

elaborately weaves the story,

almost every website has a well woven story. To attract venture capital, it is said that a good story should be told to investors. But to make a website for attention, the popular story is also told, and mainly about the story of the main founder. If the founder drink ink, to mention many years of experience, the Silicon Valley in the United States to give up $about one hundred thousand or more per year, the U.S. MBA; if the native, is to emphasize the foresight, blazing with anger, foresaw that the future of the Internet Chinese. The common ground between the two is, of course, the more legendary the better. As for the true story, go ahead.

full world vertical advertising law

is the most popular web site between rich and ruthless. It was a joke, now want to find space in Beijing is not easy, as if overnight, the Beijing subway, bus, almost all of the world signs website, space places had been erected website advertising. The main sections of Beijing, Zhongguancun, are more like a pack of ads, one after another. In all forms, this is to recruit the most traditional and most expensive, non caitaiqicu cannot. So, dare to take this tough approach, are generally backed by venture capital, the saying goes, take money inappropriate sites, small sites can not afford to play this kind of rich people.

free registration winning method

size website all likes this recruit, adopt frequency highest. Who says there is no free lunch, the Internet industry has. Almost every site will be enthusiastic attitude sincerely said, as long as the bother to register, it is possible to obtain Website Awards for free, large houses, cars, small books, such as CD, can even harvest million yuan. Registration is finished, and later on the site, does not matter. As to whether anyone has ever gotten a car?

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