Adsense increase the content of the website absolutely can not use collection

now many webmaster to fill content to their website, with the acquisition tool to add content to the web site, it can greatly reduce the manpower, but the long-term consequences of doing is a can not erase the failure reason for your site.

to tell you a few kinds of acquisition, will be identified by search, so please don’t play smart, because search is much smarter than you:

first I want to give what is now to collect and increase the content of the web site to remind friends, although your website in constant growth, but very fast, but the day that search is the time to deal with the problem of your site included quantity will be greatly reduced and delete search, the weight will also greatly reduced. Now there is no such a situation, but the search is still investigating you, and so on after a clear investigation, for such a long collection of websites, you will get what punishment in front of what.

The first kind of

acquisition method, acquisition is only recently to see that the acquisition of the article part, so the search for haven’t seen this article, your web pages included in the original way, this collection is very severe. This situation I can clearly tell you is the failure of the practice, your site for a period of time after the search will slowly refused to included content within, why? Has been collected are part of the original, so that your website content is endless content, so that your site search the authority is not enough.

second acquisition method, it is understood now the train first well-known acquisition software are synonyms, such as "SEO" to automatically replace the "optimization" such a replacement, although a start as long as you replace the phrase, then an article, can be said to have a lot of words will be replaced. But after so many search updates, search can now be completely identified, so the result of using this feature to collect content is the same.

third collection methods, this situation is more common, that is, a number of web content collected on their website. In fact, this situation is best understood, no matter you and gather things, or in a place where serious collection of things, the situation is the same, that is the collection, search is performed using this method to abandon the action site.

is such that the three methods are not feasible, not say no acquisition, just want to tell you increase the content of the site is absolutely not for collection, if your website content is more than fifty percent are collected over the content of your site, so dangerous, please according to the network flow, the update of the original pseudo original and reproduced the ratio of 1:2:2 to increase website content. (by webmaster feeds)

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