Grasp the direction of nternet products do a good job of nternet products

engaged in the operation of Internet products and walk the same, in order to do a good job in operations, you need to clearly grasp the direction of Internet products. A clear direction and positioning of Internet products has important guiding significance for product design and operation. Our most common Internet products are divided into functions, including search engines, e-commerce, games, news, communities, official websites and so on. These are Internet products that users are constantly in touch with. However, some Internet products are more difficult to sort out the direction, such as the "portal" position is fuzzy, what is the portal site, there are too many, many. Excellent Internet products can bring huge economic benefit of the premise is the product can influence on the maximum, and the direction of Internet products determines its sphere of influence, so it is necessary for the Internet product direction has more thorough understanding.

first of all, Internet products need to have core products. Core products, that is, the most important products, can meet the needs of most users of products. Core products only in order to win the credibility of the product, not profitable products. For example, 360 of the "security guards", sina "news", "QQ", the Tencent NetEase "email", "Baidu search engine", these are free for the public service platform, to increase the flow of business and brand, to win the public trust.

followed by Internet products must have profitable products. This part of the product may only meet the needs of a small number of users, but also for this small number of users and created, but it has a lot of room for profit, is the site’s main profitable products. For example, Tencent’s "pet", online courses for professionals, Baidu’s "promotion" and other paid services.

in addition, Internet products can include ancillary products. Such products can bring a small amount of traffic or revenue for the site, the product itself is relatively weak, to assist more than two products mainly, but it is indispensable in the product site. Such a division can effectively guide us in the development of the site to make the correct decision-making, avoid detours.

in different stages of each Internet enterprise, the product will also have different understanding and planning. For startups, it is likely that most of the effort will be focused on core products, and that such products often have high potential economic benefits and have a large user base. However, with the continuous development of enterprises, the product will do more and more, and user characteristics are beginning to be uneven, such as 360 companies from the earliest security guards to a series of applications now. At this time, more data analysis should be carried out for Internet products. For example, for the operation of products, going into the business sentiment fans, accumulation of users and convenient customer service efforts; for market products, to the brand publicity, expanding the visibility and occupation of industry opportunities to increase investment etc..

therefore, as a qualified Internet Product Manager >

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