From boss to junk King my road to online Entrepreneurship

I like Lan Yajun, net, male, born in 1968, Han nationality, college culture, 1992 graduated from Changzhou Institute of Technology majoring in business management. Used to work in the factory, factory, factory construction chief served as secretary of the Communist Youth League, deputy factory director. Unwilling to ordinary life, after the resignation of the sea, the housing construction, highway engineering contracting, student canteen, founder of the taxi company. A friend said I experienced, is experienced in the political arena, shenbuyouyi.

established the Guiyang waste collection network in August 2005, and formally established the company operation in March 2006. The site has several firsts:

1 is the first waste collection site in Guizhou province.

two is the first official company in Guizhou province to directly reclaim waste products.


three" is the first home in Guizhou province to implement uniform clothing, unified prices and other "six unified" standards of enterprises.

four, founded the first Environmental Forum in Guizhou province.

2005, it’s an important year for me and my family.

this year, my family and I drifted from Huishui to Guiyang. This year, my daughter was born. It was also this year that I started the business.

originally I did not expect to start the business, but I did not expect to start the process of collecting waste. It all happens by accident, or even by "going astray"".

the purpose of my visit to Guiyang was very clear. I wanted to contract the student canteen. There are three reasons why I am keen on contracting the student canteen. First, I have a nearly 10 year student canteen management and operation experience of the team; second, although the canteen income is not very high, but because the number of meals is relatively fixed, income is relatively stable, not like the outside catering, great risk. Third, the school has many holidays, especially the winter and summer vacation, so you can have a good rest or go out for a walk. In our words, "work hard, live smart."".


target, too, is one in Guiyang. According to reliable sources, one must move to the Jinyang New District in the fall of 2005 before the school opens. There are several canteens to be contracted. Objectively speaking, I did a lot of preparation, basically, but I was stuck by a little thing. The result is a pass and fail on the verge of success, the canteen.

, before I came to Guiyang, my wife turned round the canteen in Huishui, and I transferred all the shares of the taxi company. After arriving in Guiyang, our husband and wife were both laid off because they didn’t find the right business.

bought a house in Guiyang, there are about 100000 yuan around. But in Guiyang, the capital city of consumption level, if there is no income, then we can not spend money for a long time, to apply a fashionable words, can not do a few "push ups".


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