nterest is the foundation but you can’t stand by interest alone

interest is very important to a person’s success. What is interest? Interest is the conscious tendency that people try to understand something and engage in something. It shows people’s selective attitude toward something or activity and positive emotional response. Interest can lead people to do what they like, and it is the foundation of success in work and entrepreneurship. Only if you are interested in a job or something, love it and study it, can you really get involved in the job. But if you have no interest in doing something and not out of their love for it, but in order to make a living in order to achieve a certain purpose to cope with, is what we usually say "mixed", you will be in a negative attitude towards doing what you are doing things. Therefore, only the interest is the basis of success, without interest as a basis, it will be difficult to succeed.

interest is the foundation of success, but it just takes you on the right track to success. Just interest doesn’t really make you succeed. There is still a long way to go between interest and success. This journey is full of hardships, requires unremitting efforts and persistence, and has certain abilities and ideas. As a webmaster, too, for those who want to start the network, the webmaster is a very good job. Many people choose to do the webmaster is also directed at the interests of this industry. Every day looking at the Internet has made tens of thousands of webmaster do website, how to expand and set up their own company’s articles, naturally there will be a lot of people look forward to their own can also earn a lot of money like those successful webmaster, so more and more people into the circle, as a grassroots webmaster, hope through the website to make money.

remember the May "Chinese personal webmaster survival survey report" data show: 08 years 60% of the owners to achieve profitability, but also 40% of the owners no profit, no profit this part of the webmaster or closure of the site, or is the holding and said of an aged person, or do some garbage station, no more the investment income is not what. So the owners of this 40% unsuccessful reasons why? Stationmaster net admin5.com satisfied think that interest is the foundation, but do not only interest. From the psychology perspective, why not successful webmaster generally have two points, one is a part of the webmaster itself does not do stand interested, just because do stand threshold is low, did not withstand the temptation of interests just to make money through the website or do not understand their own website design industry, have no interest in the industry, have no interest in this kind of webmaster support often can not stick to it, do not be so anxious to begin a gradual, often only costs and no income, this kind of webmaster see the short term to return, will become impetuous, either can not stick to it, or it is ripe to advertise on the site. Only the final failure. And the second kind is to do stand and the field that the website involves is interested, but it is not enough to stand by interest only, interest also has hot

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