Dangdang President Li Guoqing nine years adhere to the secret of profit once

Dangdang joint President Li Guoqing

recently, Dangdang is located in Henan City, Zhengzhou Province Logistics Center, officially began serving readers. In less than a year, Dangdang has opened three storage centers in Chengdu, Wuhan and Zhengzhou, thus completing the promise that Dangdang goods can be sent anywhere in the country. Founded in 1999, Dangdang experienced 9 years of losing money, beginning in 2009, Dangdang overall profitability, and constantly open up its territory and scope of operation. In the process of entrepreneurship, Dangdang co President Li Guoqing summed up the success of 16 words trick.

bitter camp 9 years ushered in the first profit

Dangdang was set up by Li Guoqing and his wife, Yu Yu. "Actually, the idea we started Dangdang was very simple and very simple." Li Guoqing said, "just returned from studying in the United States, Yu Yu feel at home shopping is particularly awkward.". Because the domestic shopping malls are generally classified according to brand, regardless of like, do not like to have a brand all read. This made Yu Yu accustomed to American life very unaccustomed. So, we decided to start from the intuitive feelings of consumers, to do a consumer willing to consume online store." In this way, Li Guoqing in order to let his wife Yu Yu convenience shopping, began his own online shopping venture road.

1999, Dangdang officially established. For a period of time thereafter, dangdang.com in the "circle" is considered to be a very strange, not profit, is not willing to sell the shop, Yu Yu is responsible for the administrative, financial, communications, Li Guoqing is responsible for the technical, market, logistics and so on, to change the traditional women and men a woman outside, man.

is actually in that year, Li Guoqing pulled IDG, Luxemburg, Cambridge, Softbank and other total $8 million venture capital, but also investors forced Li Guoqing quickly spend all the money". Li Guoqing’s initial investment in the investment so generous tone, apparently no delay in god. He recalls the conversation with investors:

"what about the money burned?"


get $30 million."

"money are burned, with 30 million valuation


"OK, let the 30 million accounted for 20%."

"it costs so much without doing anything?"

yes, a concept is worth it."

"there’s always a flow of ideas."."

"it’s our value to have someone to point to us, so call attention, pay attention to the economy."."

no doubt, this is a new trend of thought, a new business model, it has a great impact on people’s ideas and values at that time, so that young people hot blooded. Recalling the past, Li Guoqing is still clear.

is under investor’s "burn money"

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