Blogging is no less profitable than independent web sites

has no one heard the blog a month will be able to have an income of 3000-4000, the operation method is very simple, is to do a blog ranking to attract users to use other forms of maintenance and users, such as forum or QQ group. I summed up the following points:

1, site update article

in their own industry to build a blog, with the above I talked about soft operation method, update the article, about 3-4 months later, the main keywords ranking almost to the home page. Here we need to pay attention to the blog how to use products or products to bring us benefits and effects to write articles, using long tail method to attract traffic.

2, loop traffic

, but after introducing the user to our website, the user will still lose after reading the article. Then, how can these users be locked together and not go away at once? At this point we can choose containers to centralize these users, such as QQ group and forum. This is very good, because these users will be discussed in the QQ group or forum, forming a certain circle.

laps need to be maintained after the flow, our student is to teach users how to use products to retain husband or wife, and will ask every other time how effective?. Loop traffic, just as we maintain old users online, keep in touch with him and build relationships. If it is a forum, you need to talk to friends occasionally, or initiate some activities, give some small gifts.

3, select the appropriate container

what industry is suitable for QQ group, what industry is suitable for the forum, or the mall, or do not need to do QQ group and forum?. For important, very urgent things, such as moving, printing such life information category, you do not need to do QQ group and forum. Because it is very simple, most of the time moving is to call directly in the past, and will not go to the forum or QQ group to consult. While some industry can do mall, such as our students do is Adult supplies this very private goods, for these users do not buy goods earlier, but would not have exposed the identity of the mall to buy.

needs to discuss the industry can do QQ group, such as sheep. A large group of users will discuss in the QQ group how to raise sheep, and sheep sick, how to treat and other issues, the immediacy is very strong. However, QQ group has a drawback is that information can not be retained, that is, continuity is very weak. Some industries need continuity, very strong platform to exchange discussions, such as wedding photography. Then it’s time to use the forums as containers. The advantage of BBS is that you can display pictures and information according to time. For example, you can stick out your wedding photo and discuss it with the friends of the forum. And these information can be saved, unlike QQ group, and then find it will be relatively difficult.

concludes: blogs are just a way to attract traffic, and make blog rankings only

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