From the Chinese attack on server security

"China said in a statement:" at noon today 12 to 1:30 this 1.5 hours, there have been more than 15G of the flow of targeted attacks our 6 DNS. Cause all DNS paralysis, tens of thousands of Web sites can not open. We strongly condemn this despicable act and have reported it to the National Security Agency for investigation. And also continue to invest in a large number of hardware facilities, enhance anti attack ability, later guarantee that no such things happen.

also hope that you can continue to support us and not let any evil forces succeed.

China renamed

May 8, 2009,

today renamed the DNS server China suffered more than 15G attack traffic, "Chinese quietly endure 15G traffic attack and completely paralyzed, we do not say first what security measures Yao renamed DNS server paralysis, led directly to the no access to tens of thousands of websites, we cannot count on the loss. But here I have to mention the importance of network security, security hardware firewall on the website is a very important and crucial factor, if the name in the 15G traffic was paralyzed, and that I was in for the long standing in" worry, if there is a malicious person every day to attack "the name, the webmaster every day waiting for web site is unable to access the


here I have to remind the majority of owners and renamed to! Focus on Web site security, not cramming! Security is sloppy!

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