Experience let my site a tiger with wings added

2007, I and my team came to the beautiful city of Guangxi, Nanning, began my two pioneering road. Nanning as the capital of Guangxi, the network market after years of development, has been more mature, there are several major sites have been deeply rooted, we have to share a piece of cake, it is not easy.

after detailed investigation and research, I decided to build a life based service website, the website is called "big Southland", our slogan is "Great Southern China – your life service expert."". Since it is life service, natural classification information, forums, SNS, reviews and so on. However, these channels are common to all websites, and it is difficult to get rid of homogenization except that the content is better than other websites.

in order to create a more distinctive and personalized web site, I have been searching on the internet. One day, I saw a website called "Interactive Encyclopedia", and I was attracted by it. For WIKI, I’m not unfamiliar with the word Wiki comes from the Hawaii word "wee Kee wee Kee" was originally "hurry up", was translated as "wiki" or "wiki". The Wiki site can be maintained by many people (or even any visitors), each of whom can express his opinion, or expand or explore a common theme. This can be said to be the greatest initiative of the WEB2.0 era, so that everyone has become "experts."".


"Interactive Encyclopedia" program, I immediately made a, didn’t want to put it at the time, as "the Guangxi encyclopedia", because in Guangxi, there is not a real sense of the online encyclopedia.

to write an encyclopedia, is not a simple thing, I and his team members together, is in accordance with the first encyclopedia classification will be good for all programs, and then proceed to collect data upload. Because the data is very large, our progress is not very fast. However, in a week later, I was in the Baidu SITE:wiki.gx31.cn, I was surprised to find that I have been a new station Baidu was included in the fast,


because Wikipedia inside information is complete, so through Baidu to find information users often will be keywords to my "Guangxi encyclopedia", day IP natural flow of more than 3000.

soon, the Secretary General of the China Association for the study of ASEAN culture also inadvertently came to our Guangxi encyclopedia when looking for information. He looked at the site after a very pleasant surprise, give me a call immediately, to put the "important project of Guangxi ASEAN cultural positioning encyclopedia", as the 10 ASEAN countries to understand one of the main ways of Guangxi, at the same time to vigorously promote the Guangxi Encyclopedia of experts and scholars in Guangxi, let the majority of experts and scholars called Guangxi. The obligation of contributors, jointly build a Guangxi network platform for cultural exchange.

I didn’t think the Guangxi encyclopedia would be so useful for us to create a southern site

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