How can make my station refuse

I’ve been out of date for 06 years. I used to have an account behind me, but I forgot my account number. I’ve seen a lot of brothers and sisters here before, and I’ve learned a lot here about how to do a stand, how to improve the quality of your website, how to earn money, and so on. Thank them for letting me know so much. 07 years to go out, and now finally come back to grow up in the family. Yesterday, just registered an account number, write down some of their experience, casually apply under the outdated, good nonsense, not much to say. Let me give my opinion.

how to make yourself stand not rubbish, I believe everyone is getting rid of the rubbish station, graph king has sentence saying that good, "garbage, people can not refuse". Well, cut to the point, and some steps to do the station, I will not say more, site positioning, domain name, space, this is the most critical question, I did 06 years, in this fell a somersault.


1. makes a stop, be sure to check it out, know your competitors, review, and set goals.

2. article source, but also the most important, original good, but we don’t have so many original how to do, we will collect, human flesh copy, but must have collected data from the revised. Of course, keep the integrity of the article.

3. internal optimization, keywords and description, plus keywords 3 as well, description and articles have relations, it is better to introduce the article. The article interior is good, the optimization effect is also good, it is best to add the connection in the article, the head and tail most effective. Connect to the home page or other pages, this will not only increase the quality of your article, but also increase the weight of your home page. (everyone can try)

4. increase friendship connection, the best similar station friendship connection, so help to site included. For a long time did not do the station, are some of the previous experience, I do not know whether the information is a bit old.

haven’t done the station for a long time. Now I’m a small station. Welcome to comment

More than

in my humble opinion, welcome.

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