Not for original and original must form the whole content strategy of the website

a ripple, Baidu official on "Baidu earthquake", the statement and the definition of "low quality sites", let the webmaster and SEOER have to re-examine the construction of website content, but there are also some Adsense according to the "Baidu earth" in their own site experience, publicly questioned about Baidu the official website of original content.


has stationmaster to deny the meaning of website originality absolutely,

"I stand on this whole collection, who said (copy must be collected site) k, Yiezhuane, are nonsense, there are people with their original copy collection, the web is not Baidu K station by example; some people also said his website after complain loudly about an alleged injustice, are all original, results it is Baidu K, which is full of indignant tone.

these seemingly contradictory statement that I believe is true, I know, there are a large number of false original site has not been Baidu drop right, also don’t say K; there are a lot of the original site is down right Baidu Baidu in the earthquake, even K station, from the official Baidu "friendly fire rate" said is remarkable.

however, in such a way as to results of certain Baidu algorithm to adjust the site "is punished" as the standard, to deny the role and significance of the original content for the website construction, this seems to be too hasty, also is not rigorous.

indeed, content is a wave, a reprint of a fox, who easily masterpiece, but Baidu did not punish them, but also to the "seed" website included speed quickly, search engine weight reprint information is much higher. Baidu official reason given is that the search engine does not exclude reprint, the key is whether to achieve "site gain" and "content gain" effect.

Baidu search blog "on the R & D department Internet page value" said: "someone published a blog for a news event, followed by Sina to reprint the news channel, proved the value of content (readability and authority), this is the" site gain ", which is Sina News after the original blog may not have attracted a lot of readers’ comments, this is the content of gain".

but it is not sure the copy acquisition pseudo original mode reason is known SEO experts deny small website to collect the copy mode construction of website content, is not to say that the publication is totally reproduced and feasible, but that congenital advantage of small and medium sized website is not well-known website weight "site gain" and "content gain", alone copy the contents of acquisition is difficult to reflect your unique core value.

As for the original

site is Baidu K station, there may be two situations: first, the original content of the site quality is not high, there is no value for potential target users, apply "on the Internet page value" in the words, although it is original, but the page (for target users) diluted >

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