Webmaster network training experience

this evening last lesson after the end of the training station network, from April 28th to today, a total of ten days time, that time is long and short, slow because of a thirst for knowledge, their own progress and feel a long time; because there are so many like-minded friends together and learning that time is short. It will be separated soon, many of us will soon embark on the actual combat, the separation is short, the distance is eternal. I wish you all the best.

generally speaking, this training is very successful, we are in the vast majority of people through this training, met a good teacher, but also an excellent editor, stationmaster net hadronic teacher met a lot of friends. Master some basic knowledge of station building, learn some experience of predecessors, and understand a lot of outstanding software and programs that we didn’t know before. Hope stationmaster net can hold a few this kind of training more.

no best, only better. Through the usual and friends exchange, think if owners in the next period of training in the network to some of the details of the improvements, I believe there will be more friends to get more out of the station network training. Summed up there are the following:

1., the whole course lacks a rational, before we are through the webmaster network of a post, know that training this time things, but also roughly know the content to learn. The teacher should be in the open course before us to learn, and to prepare the software (because a lot of software will have a different version, should also use annotation software version), this can save a lot of time, will not be part of the students in the class are no software and delayed a lot of time.

2., teachers should teach students at the same time, but also to urge students. The teacher’s words is very powerful, beginners do stand, practice is the most important, stationmaster net is assigned a space for everyone, the teacher can ask each student to do a simple static website, and made a simple evaluation on students. In this way, we can consolidate our knowledge and stimulate students’ interest in learning. (can be 5 days to do a static website about 10 pages), this also let students know their own shortcomings, can help students develop a down-to-earth style, don’t know what is on the study of CMS HTML. Not simple pictures, document operations, research collection. The effective management of the teacher can greatly improve the learning efficiency of students in a short time.

3. enhanced interaction, in the training, some students have their own good, can encourage the students when the class with other students to share their experience and experience, students may say, can let other students easier to understand.

4. overall improve efficiency, training students time concept, in the prescribed class time, even if only one person, also should start school. In this way, it seems that it will delay the time of other people. In fact, a friend said to me the other day, "never mind."

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