Six writing techniques for Baidu experience

Many of Baidu’s

products have been the majority of SEOer have been widely used, especially the relatively high weight of Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu know, Baidu Post Bar and so on, and now Baidu increasingly stringent audit, although these products weight is very high, but the rate is very low. Baidu encyclopedia is a main account, high grade natural high pass rate, which we all know, Baidu know and Post Bar, now want to add a link is difficult to pass through, but there are still some skills, this here I will not say more, it is directly into the problem.

Baidu Baidu experience is just out of new products near it, although not the weight of Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu know and Post Bar high, but if as a high quality of the chain is very good, because after all, is Baidu’s own products, yield very fast.

below, I will talk about my experience in Baidu some of the methods and techniques, I hope we have some help.

one, before you do Baidu experience, you must carefully read the Baidu experience to help, in which the experience agreement must pay attention to, because this is the audit passed standards.

two, the first is to write the title, the title is here to remind you, there must be no advertising, if you add a URL or the phone is certainly not pass the audit, but also in the formulation of the title according to the user’s experience, should be targeted and effective, only the key word matching degree is high, the user can search.

three, in terms of content, Baidu experience in information is useful to the user, if it is of no practical significance information will be considered some general information of cavity, a relatively strong operational information passing rate is relatively high. Content should pay attention to is that you can not add links and anchor text, or the audit is not through the reason is suspected of advertising. Content must be written in easy to understand, it is best to add pictures, both to improve the user experience, but also to improve its pass rate.

four, experience in tools, steps and precautions, tools and matters needing attention just to write some of it, can not write, step is to explain, is best for each step with a picture. It is also possible that you have no experience in writing and you can change the name as needed.

five, the most important reference material, this is what we are most concerned about, the reference material inside the link must be related to content, otherwise it will be audited, however. Here to tell you a little skill, reference is not only an experience you can add links where there is to add a link in your resume, I in the archives not only here with hospital web site (, but also with the Advisory telephone. This avoids adding content – independent reference links.

six, about the original tag added, in this remind you, is original, add labels must be no problem, if not original content, a.

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