Talking about WAP webmaster website making money experience

in the online mix is three years, the most emotion is "do WAP", whether it is site or advertisers, if there is no strong strength, is almost impossible to survive." Some famous WAP alliance are done, some good and some bad, below I said these are tested! To do advertising must find these high-profile platform for cooperation, before I go a wrong way, do the poor visibility, results in less than a month off station. Stationmaster people ask oneself by heart: "quantity is what, so money did not have, sad.". I hope you don’t take my old road and choose the right ads.

1, and to the wireless alliance, used to be done by the OEM custom extension services, so UUCUN wireless search engine and you know more, relatively early in the league, with UUCUN of a company, at that time, in order to promote their own search, now also received some other advertising, advertising can sometimes pick some exclusive, monthly billing cycle, attract more people engaged in activities to send cash register, do a few days found posted every day with me on their site assessment calculated the amount of basic similar, buckle quantity is very few, the basic guarantee in 90%.

2, win the media, do not introduce more, a wireless platform do people know, in the webmaster inside is so popular, but also more timely payment, Koudian hard, deduct 4% fee feeling a little high to


3 and WAP century, do a long time, but also have their own batch of fixed customers, the money is still on time, at least do not worry about it running. But the drawback is that this station is also love and buckle quantity, the advertisement has a lot of repetition, the attitude is not very good, the customer service staff are indifferent.


music, WAP station advertising is relatively simple, there is no special into what, no one belongs to the basic and super high point but several union money, do not recommend.

5, century alliance, the establishment of the 2006 century system attracted a lot of webmaster, is said to have 50000 webmaster or so, is one of the union inside; they have a lot of business, as if everything is done. By the end of 07, there had been a violation of the rules. What servers had been turned off, and the money they had done before was not guaranteed. But recently, out of the 1 century soft League, what else wapx?. I think it’s better to change the dressing. He couldn’t eat 1 more times now,


said so much for the time being. Welcome to make more comments. No matter how tough the future is, I’m going forward, no matter what is right or wrong, I don’t have any regrets.

everyone is more or less exposed to some alliances, can be used to talk about their experiences,

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