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‘s older generation may spend a lifetime to create a business empire. And today, Bill Gates is the richest man in the world, we do not need to say more, Google creator, but also only a few years time, has been among the billionaire forest. This is the miracle of the internet.

although dare not expect and above big people shoulder to shoulder, we also dare not give up the Internet this time. We are eager to participate in the booming Internet economy, and we are eager to make some pioneering and profitable attempts here. An 33.6K from the blog as a dial-up MODEM optical access to the era of the Internet experience, powerful, well aware of the network after careful consideration, we launched their own blog site in March 18, 2008. Congratulations,


formally launched from the website so far, but a short period of time, but also a little understanding, and would like to share with you, as a new webmaster mentality.

Forewarned is forearmed. We do this site, as a real career in doing. An established their own blog, interested can see here: we are on the Internet search target.

next, we started the formal operation, initially very smoothly. How to choose their own domain name, how to choose the host experience, are sent to the blog inside. It was a good time, and we had an article expressing our joy: the honeymoon accident, the road back.

later, we encountered a bottleneck all bloggers will encounter, blog and other types of sites are not the same, if you want to attract the readers, basically every day with new content, we have to feel the pressure, also on the blog itself has been questioned. We have made some reflections in this article.

looking back, when we were in low spirits, we looked at the entrepreneurial goals of the site, and these carefully thought and inspiring goals inspired us to move on again.

success is simply doing things repeatedly, and we believe it. There may be accidents ahead, but our resolve will not waver. Keep in mind this article, and record a paragraph of the course, thank you for seeing here, welcome to the station. An blog, 365 days a year, every day on your side. Blogs make money, live broadcasts, and invite you to witness every step of growth.

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