Stationmaster we need executive force more

to write this article, I just want to tell the webmaster friends, you don’t need what technology, not how much money, do not even need more good ideas, but you must have efficient execution, you and your site can be successful. "28" management theory, 20% of enterprises rely on strategy implementation by 80%, and we also do the webmaster, you see a lot of sites in stationmaster net publicity, also mastered some skills, but you must practice to do the implementation in place, we can see the effect. Not like most of the webmaster, look, smile, scold, finally forget.

cite a few examples of execution,

1. garbage station +Adsense= day income > $200


approach is very simple, collecting a batch of Baidu search in about 1000 words, around their garbage station, do 5 a day, a month is 150, after proper SEO optimization, after 1 months of 150, each station has at least 100 stations can get 500IP/ day on Adsense advertising, daily income at $2 / day, this day is at least $200, and the cost is not high, 1 yuan in the 1 CN domain name, plus a server, it is easy to.

many webmaster friends in fact, this is not to regard it as right, absolutely right, the problem is that the 99% owners do not have such execution, 5 station one day, I’m afraid 3 days miserable, the last is what is not natural.

2, Adsense recommends

‘s earliest Adsense recommendation was this: when A recommended B to sign up for AdSense and B to make $5, A got $5; when B made enough for $100, A rewarded $250. Someone has done this, A recommends B, B recommends C, and C recommends D…… A hundred account, easily also swept away tens of thousands of dollars.

The key to

‘s move is: do you have such executive power? From the application for 100 Google accounts, the construction of 100 sites, and then collect 100 account money…… How many people can these steps do? Unfortunately, Adsense recommended, at the end of August to stop the promotion, this trick does not work.

3 for a more acceptable example, take this article for example, 1 days later, you can in the domestic large and small Adsense nets to see it, because I have collected more than 100 can release the station network, and a registered account, I don’t need someone else to send their own, 2 an hour to fix, this is the execution.

then what should our webmaster do to improve our execution?

a   clear goals and strategies, and execute in place.

take publicity sites for example, of course, in order to get

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