Something about the host abroad

saw a man in WordPress at these reselling space are pretty dark well ~ ~ post, so I want to say something so embarrassed, ~ ~ can only say that you do not understand the foreign host, what does not restrict the space into hundreds of sell, do you really think the foreign host so first I want everything I understand the foreign host should be passable, I consulted some people read some posts, to GD station HTML host of this kind will take about 3500IP days! Is said to have written expert can exceed 5000IP, so to sell 100 copies of this is a very naive approach, the consequences of this one a service provider, your space, you write, he wrote to you to upgrade, upgrade and upgrade, the foreign host is so profitable, a penny goods, foreign host is also almost like


took me to buy the GD host it, I can announce, Gd is not independent of the IP with only about more than 60, and with independent IP, usually buy a SSL, because the SSL send independent IP, price of about 120~150 is reasonable, why are these? Because they are doing through the CJ Alliance. CJ promote the rebate, my GD host is supporting outdated friend, now I flat-share people with only 4 people, the most I will add a (strong advertising, the last one I need to contact the M), I want to buy a host of foreign people probably have seen a lot. The test data know that something foreign, usually control the number, I have seen some sponsorship space friends in general control 10~15 site security is 5~7, I am now deep SEO labs blog also live in someone else’s flat-share host, flat-share group is 6 So people generally have brain and normal people could not be more than 15 people, and now I will be limited to within 5 people, do not put what traffic sites, they used to keep meters, equivalent to 30 yuan per person, all money……

as to whether anyone is stupid enough to sell 100 copies, I don’t know, but I don’t think so, unless he’s not afraid to be scolded. He’s a liar……

slobber war, I had one or two feet, just to give you a little something now added foreign host, now the foreign host does not limit the unlimited flow is a lie, you do not know have not heard of this forum and idcspy, he specialized in the host promotion, but the promotion rebate is eat yourself the general recommendation in the 75 ~110 gold knife knife range, that is to say a host of $6.99 a month, and then count the coupon you can say is almost free! Don’t ask me why I do this with foreign business? I can only speculate that, on my personal feeling for foreign service super good, relative domestic price of $6.99, if the line is not the problem is absolutely seckill all domestic IDC, I carefully to go abroad to buy a $2 GD domain was deducted 118 days before (this knife is not known Godaddy’s buying process is the most

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