The basic reason for the gradual disappearance of some independent blogs

has been popular since the independent blog for more than 6 years. Although radish fish has seen the rise of some new famous bloggers, more and more passionate personal blogs have gradually disappeared from our sight.


blog is about sharing what you are good at, professional, or at least your hobby. Whether you are a web designer, web developer, writer, Internet marketing and so on, then you must know what the situation will lead to independent blog operation failed to make the same mistakes in the operation of the blog.


whether you’re a new blogger or you’re starting to build your own blog site, the question is serious enough to threaten the success of your blog. Radish fish below to take you to analyze the independent blog operation process should pay attention to matters.

one, too early to open their blog site

in the open Internet world, set up a blog platform easily, buy a domain name, buy a space, download a wordpress blog program, looking for the WordPress theme, half a day is enough for you to build a beautiful page blog, but you have an audience? You might say, a a week later, my blog has a daily average of 50 visitors. Yes, maybe radish fish should say this is more than zero, right?

turnip fish personally feel that opening my own blog website blog before the original article, first reserve a certain amount of think of installing blog program, skeleton forming your website, but your meat? Where visitors will go to see the skeleton. The empty? Even bring some visitors you through social media commercial advertisements and so on, but you have to leave by what your visitors? They are the potential of your fans, maybe after this incident, they will never come again second times. In fact, radish fish radish home network on the existence of this problem, this time is considered a reflection of radish fish bar.


two, "introverted" blog

many new blog owners often focus on their blogs, not knowing whether their blogs will attract visitors and stay away from proper marketing. Marketing your blog is a rather heavy task, and it takes longer to work than to write the article itself. Radish fish summarizes a few small ways to help you attract enough visitors and increase the chances of success for your blog:

1, using social media. Such as Tencent, micro-blog, Sina, micro-blog, Kaixin and so on.

2, enabling email subscriptions. Email marketing is very important, although the rate of email usage is still low in our country,

3, join online >

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