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– HACK#83 " Measure, the, Checkout, Process"

compared to other aspects of the site analysis and optimization, online payment process analysis and optimization will bring more revenue.

for online retail e-commerce sites, in the need to optimize all aspects of the payment process is the most important. Fortunately, it is easy to analyze, and it is very feasible to optimize after detailed analysis. Following this simple step, starting on the first day, will allow you to recognize changes in some of the optimization measures that will allow retailers to increase their investments.

step 1: build baseline

first, the first step is to establish a baseline for analysis and to periodically monitor the payment process. Here are two basic metrics that need to keep track of trends. They provide a good baseline for analysis:

• the rate of payment to be completed in one visit during the same visit analysis period (e.g., one fiscal month):

includes the number of visits paid to the completion of the thank you page / the access number of the first page in the payment process

• cross access analysis period (the average time period in which shoppers complete the purchase of goods), the ratio of cross payment to completion:

arrives at the payment completion thanks page number of visitors / number of visitors to the first page in the payment process

in the payment process funnel analysis, you should get a thorough understanding of each step and see what happens at each step. In each step of the payment process, you should pay attention to the following indicators:

– arrive at this step: access to each step

: – sales potential of each step of the total potential sales (stay in a shopping cart and the number of abandoned shopping cart commodity number based on


– to the next step: access times to the next purchase step

: completion rate: is usually expressed as the percentage of visits to continue buying goods, or is still the percentage of access to the purchase process

leave funnel rate: leave the payment process, but still visit the percentage of access to the site.

• departure rate: percentage of visits leaving the payment process and leaving the site at the same time.

– potential turnover: Sales out of the checkout process.


needs to remember is that monitoring the payment process is only a special case of "monitoring multi step processes". Net >

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