Teach you how to improve website traffic

with a thankful heart, talk about how I do it in 15 days, some powerful owners can not see, but I know there are a lot of friends every day is still not to worry about the traffic on IP. Figure Wang wrote before the Spring Festival 1000IP article, I also read, the method is also somewhat the same, I believe a lot of friends have seen, and today take their own station, for example, analysis. Make friends clearer.

I do second days, IP has dozens of, a month later, the total IP million, and in the third day, I’m in the white paste bar (film and television bar, sent 10 posts, are

is now the hot film and television, to keep up with the following download address, to attract users, of course, this is just a simple way) feel, this is in the previous search engine is not included, a very effective means of publicity, the effect is very good, when the day came more than 200 IP, but has been troubling me now is that website is not sticky, not too many people live in (a friend said to me, a station will stay, the search optimization can do), I search similar sites in white, a very powerful station is cnxunlei com. He is doing thunderbolt movie download, ranking is sometimes ranked in front of the thunder online. I was watching the station for a few days, and his program was available on the Internet. It said there were more than 1W data, and I found that the station had stopped updating. He has a flow check below, no password, basically every day in a few W IP. The traffic is terrible.

because too many customers, busy every day, I have no time to do it, just do the inside pages optimization, the third day, I also in the post movie posts, also know to answer the question, also know in my letter, oh. The traffic is more than 400 in third days. The kind of work I did for 3 or 4 days. Spend 1 hours a day posting. Flow over, friends said 100W IP post every day, in which a base leakage, you can feed your station. But such traffic is unstable, sometimes less, and sometimes more.

forgot to talk about, but also in each search engine included entrance to submit their own station, after all, in order to collect as soon as possible, work or to do,


fourth days, the whiteness is included. I started looking for some traffic promotion platform, in the KUKE movie site to do the application, the same day brought more than 100. And got a LINKPAGE. There are dozens of IP every day. Not very stable. Later tried 779, the effect is not very good. Every point is to update the movie around the post, look for good advertising alliance, but is not found yet. A few days later.

I made a blog for my station in the white space. I added some hot movies, downloaded the address and moved to my page. It worked very well. Whiteness is really a family

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