WordPress blog system moving documentary

contact WordPress has been more than a month, and with the gradual familiarity with the WordPress, WordPress station is a simple and convenient, plug-in rich. Dazzling.

has so far used plug-ins, friends who want to use these plug-ins more exchanges:

, Add, Post, URL, add copyright and link URL plugin

Automatic SEO Links adds inner chain plug-in

Easy AdSense easy-to-use advertising plug-in

, Google, XML, Sitemaps, Google, sitemap plugin,

Pagebar paging plug-in

Keyword Link Plugin adds inner chain plug-in


just before a test, so the application of two free foreign host, sitemix.jp and bianmingtong.cn, the former is faster, but the drawback is not cPanel and not open FTP software upload and download, the maintenance of abnormal trouble, and can not bind the domain name; while the latter provides a cPanel and 3 MySQL from the database. Type of service charge type is said to have been a host, but the speed is slow, the most important is free is free, but too many advertisements, from my site traffic, all users of PV are 1-2, that advertising is the impact of the use of the user experience.

from the beginning of 27, I spent a lot of money to buy a Homezz hosting service, after several days of use, feel speed and service are still meet my requirements, think that move sooner rather than later moved to move, until the large amount of data, the move can be much more complex. So, from noon yesterday, the two blog moving work.

prepared a number of software phpMyAdmin, and back-up and other software, originally seen on the Internet moving tutorial, that is very simple, I did not expect this move, and even engage in five hours.

the first step is to package the WordPress package and download it and upload it to the new hosting space. Due to the speed of a two of the original free space is too slow to download about 5M package about the next 40 minutes, an operation is not convenient, can only use webftp to download, so this step for about an hour.

second, install the blog host in the new space, this step is very smooth, it takes about 10 minutes.

third step, the use of phpMyAdmin plug-in data export and import work, the result is not knowing what went wrong, the original free host can not install this plug-in, I >

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