Through QQ group message order a pancake aunt O2O inspiration

some people always say that O2O is a "pit father" concept, but it is getting hotter and hotter, and all queries can not prevent us from discussing it. Ali, Alipay, WeChat, Baidu map of the Tencent, the contents of the public comments are favorable cake snatch, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises also joined the O2O gold rush. However, most entrepreneurs are still in the "floating in the air, can not fall" status.

a few days ago, in the O2O headlines read a very interesting O2O real case: a few days back to his alma mater. Chat with an aunt who sells pancakes at a school stall. As soon as she arrives at the mouth, her cell phone QQ goes on and on. She set up a QQ group, the students are still in class messages in the group, to her orders. Then she recorded Qming and make a label with a piece of paper stuffed in advance, so that the students after class directly pay to pick up. She said that this method has been used for five or six years, the effect is very good to say. Ah! O2O! This is O2O! This is the ground gas O2O! This is a successful O2O!



pancake aunt O2O success to small and medium-sized O2O bring what enlightenment? Summed up the aunt’s success place about four points:

1, addressing user needs. Pancake aunt O2O solved the problem of waiting in line for students, and achieved a quick and convenient transaction. The first task of any project is to study the existing needs of users really be satisfied, what are the deficiencies, and the needs of the crowd how many, really find out the existing deficiencies, and really fills it. It’s not the shallow UI or UX, but the deep, real demand side.

2, offline service is more important. If aunt craft is very poor, do not let people off the pancake, have two times of marketing opportunities. For the O2O model, the main line is mostly the type of service enterprises, while domestic service exists all kinds of non-standard operations, although the group purchase has been pre education, but the distance is still far from stable and perfect service, so how to protect the business of symmetric service online information and offline, will become a key challenge for O2O node model can really develop.

3, marketing low cost. Aunt with QQ group to achieve marketing, QQ group itself is free, so her marketing cost is almost zero. If the QQ group is the charge, 100 yuan a month, the aunt will use O2O this way? When the group purchase the most fire, thousands of group purchase sites continue to slaughter, for the domestic group purchase market, the group purchase website began in the competition. Advertising campaigns, tug of war, positional warfare and other overwhelming ads are integrated into the daily lives of all the major people. Marketing costs continue to increase, but revenues are not reduced. In order to ensure their own profit margins, consumers have become the ultimate buyer of this profit struggle. But consumers who are unhappy with the single consumer experience are unlikely to buy it anymore. >

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