SEO details determine success or failure

sunshine haven’t seriously wrote an article, but every day to see some network owners, owners or SEO comrades whether view search engine optimization of new and new things to learn, but every day to see some articles are reproduced or soft from the end what did not mind watching down…… In fact, now the more love to see some details about SEO things, even by the title "because you are |," "," "-" three symbols in one that is more conducive to optimizing the inspired thinking, the sun also think it is very valuable, it is worth SEO! The whole content is not much, so the concepts and methods we may all know. So what do you want to win in the SEO war? In a word, that’s SEO".

SEO, what’s the details,


details – it simply means you find someone else to find no special! For example: Web site keywords layout in question, should we will say to keep the keywords in the page, the position of the three uniform distribution, especially the first 200 words of the first paragraph of the body show the need to focus on the key words, such in order to achieve the good effect of the ranking. Oh, you speak very good, very comprehensive, but according to the sun do optimization experience just know these are not! Such a display are pictures of the web page, how to make a good website ranking? Then we can not only according to the way of doing, why? For a most of them are pictures ", basically no keyword density (search engine of image capture is not perfect) distribution, if only in accordance with the above method, keyword density can go up, but for Baidu and Google, your site is not what it is worth to see, because you want to show what they cannot read ah, the natural ranking will not go.

how to solve this problem, the method is very simple, in the head or tail of a web page and a keyword related strong descriptive text, don’t be too long, 200 words will be good. If the descriptive text is too long, you can use rolling form, according to the actual combat experience of the sun, scrolling text does not affect the search engine crawl and ranking. In this way, we broke the original idea and simply said that you found the "SEO" detail, because this detail might have left your opponent far behind. (this example we can refer to the official website of shooba, in order not to produce AD, interested friends can search for "mat" is the first natural station in Baidu


next, let’s talk about how to look for details about SEO.

details of this thing is not found by experience to SEO, the details are in the actual analysis, we can often see a lot of new SEO to "heat" high words make up, also those of SEO master "is too high to be reached," why? Because the master often rely on their experience to optimize.

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