Reflections on a business promotion veteran station


enterprise station network marketing has been for several years, the choice of traditional enterprises, a company that is because tired site promotion pressure boring life; the two is part of the traditional enterprise is free, you have more time to spend their. Originally to talk about the author entered the Wuhan parking lock manufacturers 1 years of experience.

, a one-man business promoter,

I found that there are many traditional enterprise promotion staff are single handedly struggling. From the website construction, maintenance, content updates, promotion and other aspects of self-reliance. Outsourcing will not promote these enterprises, make the enterprise network marketing is not controllable, other companies strangling the throat. This paragraph to talk about the author of single handedly enterprise stand disadvantage, and then talk about its advantages.

1, easy, technical all but not fine,

because it is a single handedly, from modifying a code, P, a banner ad map, to write an article, send a chain, do a revision. A lot of times need to be hands-on, which allows enterprises to promote the station, learned from the site to promote the entire process. Such as the author of this Wuhan factory, although the site landscaping is not flattering, but it is indeed the author’s effort. Single handedly corporate promotion, in some eyes, is omnipotent; in the eyes of professionals, it is all can not.

in particular, the current promotion of the rapid deterioration of the environment, the promotion of more attention to professional, team, multi-channel, enterprise station promotion personnel, if out of the enterprise, its competitiveness will be greatly reduced.


extremely arrogant little result easily

many enterprises are in the field of optimization competition is not very intense. As I do parking locks in the field, there are only dozens of related players, and professional SEO less than 30, so the competition is not fierce. Wuhan parking lock this word, with few basic page optimization, if the extension staff of a business will these word optimization to the first page in good position, then inevitably in too pleased with oneself.

I used to do a long time in the Internet company, which received several popular business words, the index is about 2000, and then related search page of about 40 million. Because the salesman signed too hastily, the author optimized for three months, and did not give the website a few keywords optimization to the home page. If in accordance with the contract, the author estimated that he is not very sure half a year, will optimize the key to the home page. Because the other party is network customers, the credibility of this side is not high, can only remote operation of its FTP, background admin. And it is not allowed to do proper optimization of the home page, revision and so on.

from then on, the author knows his ability, not with a cavity of blood, because as long as he how to work, you can optimize most of the keywords to a certain position. The optimization of some words is really not what you try to do. Such as resources, time, efficient strategies, and strong execution

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