The consequences of excessive site SEO

sometimes, we carefully done site construction works will suddenly encounter cold, or be punished to the ranking drop, believe that for the special website builders, such as news or hear yourself than a bolt from the blue, much less elaborations of the stock market crash is more frustrating. Perhaps this is because you do not have to do SEO appropriately, the so-called moderate refers to, less than, too far.

in fact, the consequences of inappropriate SEO are more than just a change in the search engine ranking algorithm. In terms of objectivity, there are so many reasons for this phenomenon. If all the pages of the web site’s work are gone (URL can be found directly in Google), it could be caused by a variety of reasons.

because of improper SEO optimization, your site is removed from its index by search engines. This is a serious mistake, over optimization is tantamount to challenging the authority and profit of search engines (PPC), which can not be tolerated by search engine operators.

your server is out of order at critical times and cannot access properly. This is a hardware fatal wound, you go back to reflect on self-examination, how can such a mistake,


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