The value of web related content modules to SEO

Internet is a huge shopping, entertainment, leisure platform, these years received numerous consumer attention at the same time, also attracted a large number of enterprises engaged in them, want to obtain customers through the internet. On the Internet, a better ranking of the site, the site of the relevant content modules are doing quite well, but why should we do so, there are advantages and disadvantages?

The benefits of

site related content modules are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

updates the snapshot of the site fairly well,

many novice webmaster are considering how to make your own website snapshot is new, because there is such a saying in the website optimization industry: website snapshot new website that Baidu spider is love, although there is no direct impact on the ranking, but also from another aspect reflects the weight of this web site or can therefore, the natural ranking is no problem. If it will be a very good deal with these contents, the site was ranked as the natural site module point the day and await for it, but the benefits are: when the site in the update site, each page of the content page nature update, Baidu spider can attract attention, natural snapshot will be in a new state.

helps improve the weight of your website,

website related content recommendation module can enhance the user experience of the website, can help the user quickly find relevant articles, virtually promoted the ranking of the website ascension, the weight of ascension. Separate from the search engine, website content recommendation module can increase web spider climb to the depth of the website, improve website naturally efforts to grab a spider, usually more web spiders crawl, the more frequent natural increase website weight also more quickly. Therefore, the website related content can enhance the overall ranking of the website, is a lot of SEOER commonly used website optimization method.

web site related content modules can increase the number of sites included

how to improve the amount of Web site is countless people talking about the topic, many people are struggling to do the chain, do web site in the chain, because these are to enhance the amount of site included a method. However, relevant content website module these years also hope that many in the SEO industry concern, we should know the website for the search engine spiders to crawl along the links to related pages, but increase the content related to the module website, when the site is updated, the whole web page will appear in this article, the natural Baidu when the spider is invisible on the increase among the content of this page is to grab the probability for a long time, also can increase the probability of capture site, also logical invisible increase the probability to get caught, increasing the probability of this article is to search the record.

user experience needs

Internet users click on a topic of interest, browse through this page, see the relevant content, is likely to continue to click in, increasing the number of Internet users in

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