Retailers and customers need to grasp the sense of joking

retail owner’s personality is different, the performance of the business will have a great difference. For example, some of the owner of a lively character, naturally like to joke. And this joke is not to open, how to open on how to open. A little careless, it is possible to make jokes too much, causing customer dissatisfaction, will naturally be very detrimental to the operation of the business.

shop to do business, what kind of customers can also meet. Some retail friends in order to communicate with customers, and enhance the feelings between each other, and the customer will have some degree of relaxed and pleasant emotional exchange. This kind of communication is like a kind of spiritual "regulator", whether it is to do business or make friends are very useful.

some retail friends humorous conversation, humor, in the daily operation, often by the customer’s welcome and love, and sometimes for those who are more familiar with the old customers to open two good joke. However, a joke is a sense of propriety, properly, otherwise, not only can make people laugh, but also to create troubles, counterproductive, self defeating.

to communicate with customers to grasp the following points: first, the attitude to be friendly. Communicate with the customer to the spirit of the principle of good. In particular, and the customer joke, but also pay attention to this point. The process of joking, is the process of mutual exchange of feelings, is a good performance. If playing jokes on people vent their disgust, taunt, discontent, and even take the fun of others laugh, so a fool is not broken unless. Maybe some people as you glib, on the surface you have the upper hand, but the customer will think you can respect others, thus not you’re dealing with, shunned. In this way, you will lose customers.

two is to mark occasions. Be sure to see the occasion when you are joking with the customer to see if you can make such a joke. In general, the store when many customers do not joke, because in a joking process to grasp the good, will let customers xiabulaitai, arouse their resentment. There is a female customer in the shop, do not joke, this time a joke, will cause misunderstanding, disappointing.

three to differentiate customers. The same joke, opened in different customers, the effect is often quite different, this is because the customer’s identity, personality, temperament, the concept of a different. What’s more, their ability to bear jokes is often different. Therefore, joking should pay attention to the object, such as customer introverted, little jokes, even joking words should be cautious, and you want to choose him in a good mood when the character is more lively; customers can be cracking jokes. Joke also want to pay attention to the heat, when the encounter is not satisfactory or into the family conflicts, should not joke.

four should pay attention to taboo. People with physical disabilities are particularly sensitive to this

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