Open the form rich Yunying shop brand is very important

Yunying shop, most people began to think of is women entrepreneurship, but today Yunying shop wealth the protagonist of the story is a male. His success stories give people a lot of inspiration. Now let’s get closer to the story.

3 years ago, born in 1981, Jiang Daopeng is just a driver, a monthly salary of 2000 yuan. May to May this year, he has four Yunying shop, Fifth stores have opened, the total turnover of more than 20 million yuan, a total assets of more than 10 million yuan Yunying shop.

2009 in August, opened his first store Yunying shop finally came to set up more than and 100 square meters. A pregnant baby shop to make money? At that time, Jiang Daopeng in a company when the driver  , a monthly salary of 2000 yuan. Open the shop, he spent about 200 thousand yuan. At that time, he worked for a few years, saved about 30 thousand yuan, the family to gather together for $30 thousand, he borrowed from relatives and friends, borrowed $20 thousand, the remaining 120 thousand yuan, all by loans.

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