Old Beijing cloth shoes store how to do the relationship marketing

in the current era of business, we have to pay attention to more, do more work, will make the store a higher probability of success. In the shop management of the work, the relationship marketing is also very important. So, old Beijing cloth shoes store how to do good relationship marketing? Let Xiaobian to introduce you.

with the market competition environment is increasingly complex and competition intensifies, the old Beijing cloth shoes store marketing must be from "passive marketing waiting for the customers home" to "go out and find the target customers" active marketing. And explore the relationship between the old Beijing cloth shoes store marketing is critical. So how should the relationship marketing?

1. lock target: old Beijing cloth shoes store is best to start with the familiar crowd, and to assess the actual purchasing power and the number of these groups, to prepare for the future to do the relevant cost budget.

2. more incentives: such as discounts, gifts, coupons, etc..

3. special customer special treatment: according to customer value and profit rate of itself to customer segmentation, and pay close attention to the high value customers, ensure the special treatment and services they can get due, so that they become old Beijing shoes store loyalty.

4. and target customers to maintain stable connection for a long time: old Beijing shoes store or shopping guide can add customer QQ or WeChat mobile phone, leaving the customer contact, often and customer communication, keep good relationship with the atmosphere of harmony.

5. to establish a good relationship with the seller: the end of the transaction does not mean that the end of the customer relationship, the customer must remain in contact with the sale, to ensure that their satisfaction continues.

6. Innovation: to continue to innovate, improve the technical means and old Beijing cloth shoes store management, improve customer transfer costs and barriers.

in the current era of business, if it is still waiting for customers to come home, such a business to achieve greater success will undoubtedly face more problems. Therefore, if you want to successfully open an old Beijing cloth shoes store, do a good job in the relationship marketing is very important.

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