Let the flower of employment and entrepreneurship for the public

public entrepreneurship is to allow all business groups to have the policy to give help, in Jiangxi city of Ruichang, no matter what business groups, there are preferential policies to support entrepreneurship, to help them complete their entrepreneurial dreams of wealth.

With the employment of the disabled

for the disabled employment garden carefully selected seedling breeding. City of disability, employment bureau to protect the difficulties of employment and life. Two departments jointly in the township administrative villages have established the library librarian work for disabled persons, are sent to the spiritual food for the majority of farmers and friends at the same time, also for the local disabled people sent to the hope of employment. The librarian Employment Bureau for each monthly payment of public subsidies to 300 yuan, to comply with the conditions of the disabled CDPF also issued a motorized wheelchair fuel subsidies million yuan; also provide rehabilitation, education, human rights and other aspects of consulting services for 1 people with disabilities, a month to receive letters and visits more than 20 people.

to enable people with disabilities have better employment proficiency in a particular line. Actively explore new ideas, multi-level, multi-channel to carry out help, ignite hope with love. According to the needs of enterprise workers, through the order oriented skills training, free to carry out practical technology, job training, a number of people with disabilities in the park enterprises to achieve employment. At the same time, give full play to Ruichang processing in addition to a wide range of advantages, to help the staff home employment, the nearest employment.

flower contests of College Students’ Employment

"intelligence" to college students entrepreneurship support red leaves. This year, in Ruichang City, township security specially equipped with one to two college students employment information, pay close attention to unemployed college students leave school to employment, dynamic demand, willing to provide free training and employment services for them, for students seeking vocational entrepreneurship guidance."

choose home business Chen Chun university after graduation, but because the family economy is not very good, do not have much money. College student intelligence officer that she is in good condition, the initiative to introduce college students to pay for her business policy. Now she has 50 thousand yuan of interest free loan secured by a clothing store in Liansheng Xiushui Street.

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