Nail shop decoration how to choose wallpaper

on the wall decoration market, wallpaper begins to attract more and more people love, use in the market is more and more, however, if you want to make a really good wallpaper decoration effect, also need to pick out the right products. So, nail shop decoration how to choose wallpaper?

modern decoration, especially nail shops and other service industries increasingly personalized shop, white walls are not enough to see, a variety of styles of wallpaper has become the new darling of decoration. Choose wallpaper, beautiful but also save money, of course, the best way to see how the owner of the experience of the selection of wallpaper bar.

1, do a good job planning, on-demand purchase


Manicure stores to choose and buy wallpaper, the first planning store to place the wallpaper, wallpaper style, color, pattern and so on, in the overall style under the premise of the same, according to the space area, front desk, Manicure foot nursing area requirements. In addition, there are many different types of wallpaper, the function is not the same, the shop mainly in accordance with their needs to buy, do not blindly follow the trend.

2, reasonable purchase, reduce waste

wallpaper has a full wallpaper and wall wallpaper, according to their own budget and paste the effect of choice, such as the whole shop will be smaller than the small area, need to consider the whole effect. In the actual paste, there are about 8% of the reasonable loss of wallpaper, the greater the loss of large flower wallpaper, nail shop operators should be set aside in the procurement of consumption, so you can do the right amount and not waste.

3, wallpaper accessories, saving the use of

wallpaper needs to include the basement membrane, powder, mortar. Manicure Stores operators in the selection of wallpaper, we have to know about their usage and quality, recommended to choose the brand has a set of system, supporting the use of not only effective, and comprehensive and save, can prevent the unfamiliar and disorderly buy.

as a fashion shop to provide nail services, if you want to attract more consumers, naturally need to have a more appropriate fashion shop decoration. In short, if the nail shop operators decided to choose wallpaper decoration, the above three points need to pay attention.

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