The 80 entrepreneurs after graduation six years of net worth

believe that many college students have graduated after start-up years, but probably because of practical reasons, the business plan has not been implemented, and the 80 entrepreneurs after graduating from university in 6 years, step by step to achieve their intended business plans.

from his old job tutoring sail for college students to build a business platform, the development of new rural construction as the current home, green dragon enterprise has absorbed more than 1000 staff employment.

side to save fees while reading

in order to earn tuition, long Qing tie bar, also played a tripod, part-time to finish high school, and finally admitted to the Huaihua University, he became the "hometown of second college students".

"four years in the University, in order to earn tuition and living expenses, I worked as a tutor, stickers advertising, open a restaurant in the library, a part-time sideline, even during the internship period single-handed south to Shenzhen to work, business, the accumulation of life the first pot of gold."

2007 years of graduation Eve, long Qing resigned from a high paying job in Shenzhen, returned to his hometown founded plastic granules factory and battery factory. "Every day from dawn to dusk, the shuttle in Huaihua major scrap yards, purchasing, loading and unloading, everything hands-on." Long Qing said, seeing the wealth but devastating in early 2008 with extreme ease, ice disaster, two factories fail at the same time, lose everything.


led a group of entrepreneurs

start from zero, long Qing decided from the old bank up, continue to tutor, and invited the students and University teachers.

2008 in the new year of the tenth, he rented a few houses in the north of the city of Huaihua, founded the "dream tutoring center", later renamed the "special education school yan".

we were only one of the students." Long Qing said that the beginning of the characteristics of the school is very difficult, but he and the team is not discouraged, and devoted all efforts.

"if education is to establish the characteristic of our business paving stone, so driving is launching new starting point of our business development." Long Qing said, the second half of 2009, he went to the city in a driving school car driving training, found the "unspoken rule" to allow students to suffer, many people spend money, but not recommended

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