Wang Shulan shop nineteen years still cautious

what kind of things, we can insist on doing more than ten years? I’m afraid a lot of people can’t hold on to it, but this is not the case. Speaking of Wang Shulan, we Pingluo retailers known to everyone, she with her hard-working and innovative spirit, shop nineteen years still tireless. Today, I went to the store owner Wang Shulan store, only to understand the extraordinary retail experience of Wang Shulan.

because of the opportunity to buy facade room

Wang Shulan told the author, she had to talk about retail experience from 1997. Original in 1997 for each unit of benefit is not very good, laid off Wang Shulan always wanted to do a little business to supplement the family income. During this period, Pingluo People’s Hospital expansion, when she took the child to the hospital, to see the opposite has just built a good business room, she suddenly had an idea: their own purchase business.

then it will save the cost of rent, but also their own business to supplement the family income. So she went home and her husband to discuss, decided to sell the previous housing, the purchase of the Pingluo People’s Hospital opposite a set of twenty square meters of operating room, from the beginning of her retail career. As the saying goes: "everything is difficult at the beginning". She is not listed, when her child was just two years old, no one to help bring, send kindergarten age is not enough. So she was taking the kids with her.

opened the door in his own room opened a small supermarket

Wang Shulan told the author: because when I sold the house is not enough money to pay the operating room of the house, so I and my husband in the bank loan of the pen, to pay back the principal business room. Because just started doing business, purchase channels are still groping, so I think doing business is not so simple. Because the 1629 pay, I do not have much money in the hands of the remaining. To a one-time more copies of it, money is not enough, so I sold the money to purchase goods, sometimes purchase one day run a dozen times in the wholesale department. Then I put the shop named "Qingfeng non-staple food wholesale gift".

because at that time, there is no special supply of tobacco, so I am to the wholesale purchase. I remember the first time into the cigarette cigarette do not know true and false, accidentally put cigarettes into the store, the store sold to customers, customers come back and my theory. So I explain to the customer many times, the money back to the customer, the customer is willing to give up, and sometimes I also secretly shed tears. But I still through more than a year of hard work, and her husband paid off the mortgage, in addition to earn a penny."

Wang Shulan memories of their hard retail process

Wang Shulan recalls and told reporters: "in 1999," Pingluo County tobacco companies "the implementation of the comprehensive cigarette sales visits, as well as >

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