Under the premise of how to guarantee food stores to

now all walks of life are not too bad, how to become the business operators headache. Today Xiaobian teach you to teach a restaurant franchise owners, how to reduce the cost of the premise of quality.

in the business of restaurants, procurement of raw materials is one of the most important expenditure, if we can reduce the cost of procurement, so you can save large sums of money, let the catering franchisees can obtain greater profits. But want to reduce costs, can not use a simple and rude way, and the supplier is not happy, both delay time hurt feelings. So, in order to reduce the cost, we have to master and we should have knowledge and experience to meet.

1. we must grasp the market price dynamics of purchased goods,. The price of the product is not static, in order to change as the market changes, then in the procurement of raw materials, it is necessary to collect a large amount of information to understand the current market price of raw materials. Only know the price in advance, in order to grasp the initiative.

2. we want to master product knowledge and product process, product knowledge is very important for buyers, but also the bargaining capital. The price of the product depends on three aspects: first, the raw material price of the product, followed by the process, and finally the marketability of the product market. By understanding these aspects of knowledge, we can better grasp the purchase price of the product.

3. to grasp the price components of the other products. The average price of the manufacturer is including tax and freight, in order to buy goods, you can tell the supplier to achieve your best logistics way, so it can also be the price drop.

4. personality charm. In the end, still need to purchase buyers and suppliers to communicate, through good communication enables suppliers to feel your sincerity, and let you confirm the integrity of the supplier, the supplier and let you have a sense of security cooperation, in order to obtain more favorable conditions.

by reducing the purchase price, to a certain extent, is the restaurant business is more simple, more manageable. Use the above methods to reduce operating costs, better able to make the development of food and beverage stores go first.

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