The woman with the white Formica cheat dealers earn 280 thousand friends mixed piercing eye

in the universal circle of friends is the need to have a mix of all kinds of marketing piercing eye, and various derivative, various traps make people impossible to guard against fraud. Recently, a woman with the white Formica cheat dealers, big fish friends cheat 280 thousand, want to know the details, let’s take a look!

this universal circle of friends everywhere trap, men do medical equipment business, I heard a woman in the circle of friends that can take the relationship fix 1 million 800 thousand of the order contract, the man heart move, he fell into the trap, so no 280 thousand!

3 13, Chengdu Wuhou District Xinle street, a district, Zheng Shuang (a pseudonym) and a woman cheated himself 280 thousand yuan in the WeChat circle of friends dialogue. Zheng Shuang of WeChat chat "click" screenshots, the other is issued after the withdrawal of information. For such a funny scene, Zheng Shuang felt very helpless, this is to preserve evidence."

"go" can sign 1 million 800 thousand contract

26 year old Zheng Shuang, just graduated from college for more than two years, in Chengdu Bauhinia Road opened a shop selling medical equipment, business has been lukewarm.

Contract "temptation" money and we continue to offer

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