Venture capital investment development report shows that the nternet is still favored by investors

has been in the last six months there is a saying that the field of entrepreneurship has entered a winter season, investors hold the hands of the funds do not want to easily invest. In fact, the investment in winter, there are still some areas of intensive investment.

9, Zhejiang venture capital development report released. The report shows that the network, IT and other industries is an investment intensive investment institutions.

2014, China’s financial crisis continues to affect the overall economic structure of the larger adjustment of the year. Is accompanied by a slowdown in the pace of development of venture capital industry in Zhejiang Province, the industry competition is more intense, shuffling effect has emerged, venture capital institutions have launched a small scale of operation at the same time, the funds to focus on companies gradually.

as publisher of the report of the Secretary General of Zhejiang Province, the venture capital industry association, Zhejiang province science and technology venture investment company chairman Gu Bin told reporters that despite the slowdown in the pace of development, but with the public business and the highly innovative wave coming, venture capital industry has also ushered in a good development environment.

the state or government led enterprise management capital of 3 billion 961 million yuan; the amount of capital of listed non-listed company to 19 billion 547 million yuan; the amount of personal capital is 7 billion 9 million yuan.

2014, the investment institutions in Zhejiang venture capital institutions are mainly concentrated in the IT services, the Internet industry, financial insurance, consumer products and services, accounting for 53.41% of the total investment.

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