Sohu CEO Zhang Zhaoyang bitter entrepreneurial experience

recently Sohu’s growing influence, of course, it cannot do without the Sohu President Zhang Zhaoyang’s wise decision, in fact, many people only see one side of a total of glamorous, but do not know his arduous pioneering story.

if the first is the number of shareholders financing Zhang Zhaoyang personal trust and relationship based on the words, then the second financing is no emotional factors that help. For Zhang Zhaoyang, the process of financing after several ups and downs, as long as six months of financing experience impressed him.

Zhang Zhaoyang under the impression that the Americans are familiar with the China, few investors are willing to listen to his plan. In fact, it was difficult to find an investor who would be willing to meet the Chinese entrepreneur.

in Robert and Ncgroponte’s recommendation, Zhang Zhaoyang went to the United States of California at their own expense, see those billionaires. He stayed at a small hotel in California, rented a car with a green card, and then spent two days constantly calling to meet someone who might change his company’s fortunes.

1997 in September 11th let Zhang Zhaoyang unforgettable, he is still proud of his ability to show on this day – on this day he met with 4 risk investors.

in advance in accordance with the agreed time, Zhang Zhaoyang should be at 9 in the morning to see the first Intel investment company, is responsible for 12 people and then talks with Century Investment, 3 in the afternoon is Softbank, 5 pm is later to Wang Zhidong investment billionaire Robertson · Stevenson. The top three investors are near Silicon Valley, while the last one is in San Francisco.

The distance to

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