Shenzhen real estate prices are determined by the court to determine the transaction invalid

in the sale of the house, we can often see the relevant disputes. For example, the recent holiday boom, a lot of buyers to buy a house after the hand, the seller will regret it. Recently, in Shenzhen, even more, the seller is a psychiatric court to determine the transaction invalid phenomenon.

last year, "3· 30 new deal", Shenzhen housing prices soared. Shenzhen to fight for many years, watching the children to go to school, Mr. Wang finally stepped in the rhythm, catch up before the surge in the Longhua New District to buy a degree room. However, I did not expect that the seller’s son to the mother on the grounds of mental illness, sued the court to determine the transaction invalid.

and the Baoan District court of first instance found the real mental illness without capacity for civil conduct, and property buyers are still trading of psychiatric conditions in knowing that the seller does not belong to the bona fide acquisition decision, the housing sales contracts invalid, Mr. Wang asked to vacate the property. Mr. Wang refused to accept the verdict, the case entered the second trial stage.

struggle for 10 years finally loan to buy the first suite

Mr. Wang, 33 years old, from the field to Shenzhen has been working for over 10 years. My wife did not work, I saved a little money, parents together, but also to find a friend to borrow some money." Last April 5th, he signed the housing transfer contract with the purchase of the Longhua New District Liu Mouqiao, Qianlong garden of a property, the property with the primary school and middle school degree.

this purchase time cards are very timely. Last March 30th, Shenzhen released the new deal, the purchase policy has been relaxed. After the new deal did not immediately respond to the property market, from the beginning of the year in May the property market began to hurricane. Mr. Wang is just before the housing prices soared. This set of 71 square meters of residential transfer price of $1 million 760 thousand, but the market price has more than $3 million.

into May, the Shenzhen property market began to rise, a large number of sellers default, triggering a wave of trading litigation. Wang told reporters that he purchased this property price increases at least 400 thousand yuan, the other side also proposed to increase, or when the subsequent transfer will not cooperate. There has been a tug of war between the two sides.

ultimately Mr. Wang in the total price of 1 million 760 thousand yuan on the basis of an increase of $10 thousand. On the same day, the two sides signed a formal second-hand housing transaction contract, and in the real estate registration center for property rights change. In June 2nd last year, Mr. Wang got his name to write a real estate license. Since then, the seller and the buyer signed the "handover confirmation" to confirm the floor.

on the one hand, Mr. Wang began to repay the bank for up to 25 years of mortgage loans, on the other hand, Mr. Wang is also the decoration of the house. At this time the wife has been pregnant with a second child, they also intend to greet the arrival of the child in the new house.

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