What are the warm tips

shop set up some tips, the customer to see after the same time will also feel warm, such a hint is undoubtedly a success. However, although there are a lot of shopkeepers also thought of the need to set up some tips, but they do not know what kind of language can not know how to set. So, what are the warm tips?

1, note to count, the cabinet is not responsible.

this is the most common in many retail stores a reminder, this is meant to retailers posted to remind customers face money and materials, to prevent errors, the starting point is very good, as the first, to prevent the post emergence of conflicts and disputes. But I think the "door is not responsible for" tone a little stiff, as read: "please to count the money, so you are my comfort." This is not only to achieve the purpose of reminding, but also very warm.

2, the store no credit, no counter-offer.

This is also

many retailers love in store posted a prompt, just want to tell the customer no credit, no bargain. Surface to see clearly, so that customers know. But careful thought, this sentence is still too cold, lack of humanity. I think it is better to "cash shopping, convenient for you and me; all the first, rest assured to buy." This is another argument, the customer is very clear, but also greatly enhance the warning language of human, rational.

3, ground slippery, prevent wrestling.


is more common in shopping malls, supermarkets and retail store, especially the rain and snow. I want to be able to do this tip, indicating that the hearts of the retail customers can also think about the customer, always with customers. But this is not fine, so good, ordinary is dull, lack of humor. I think it would be better to change the rain and snow, wet and slippery."

4, built-in monitoring, do not steal.

this is a common in large shopping malls and some small supermarket equipped with monitoring equipment in the warnings, the goal is nothing more than to tell customers when shopping, do not walk, do not steal. Should be the first thing to do tips on the customer, beware of those who do not really good hands and feet, it is necessary to allow customers to have the right to know, but also to take good care of the customer’s face.

but if careful taste, always feel that this warning too straightforward, even a bit difficult to accept, seems to lack a sense of trust of all customers, it would give all customers especially those who consistently disciplined shoppers have a psychological impact, caused harm to their dignity. I think it is: "there are monitoring, please civilized shopping" as well. This will not allow all customers to think of the monitoring of theft

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