Ning Zetao won the new swimming master in China

after Sun Yang’s Chinese domestic swimming has been in continuous development, but also a lot of very gratifying situation, just yesterday, the men’s 100 meters freestyle final, China swimmer Ning Zetao swoop.

"win!" Beijing time on the evening of August 6th, the FINA World Swimming Championships continue in kazan. In the most attention of the men’s 84 meter freestyle final, China’s Ning Zetao to win the championship in 47 seconds, becoming the first player in the project to win the Asian Championship in the 100 meter freestyle.

"finally proved Chinese has a space for one person in the swimming pool." After the game, Ning Zetao said his mood, like a dream, can not describe". Prior to the goal as the top eight, Ning Zetao, after the mood to calm, said, as the Chinese people stand on the final field, and the world has been very proud of the master duel, and did not think of the results now".

for semi final results in the dominant, the fifth lane Ning Zetao the first to touch the wall after boiling China audience the main stadium, embrace each other to celebrate the victory. Although the project, reigning world champions Australia’s Magnuson because of a shoulder injury absence, the host name will be Vladimir · Morozov in the semi-final because rob jump disqualified, but the 21 year old Australian player Cameron · Mike Wray in the London Olympic Games and the champion of the project, American player Nathan · Adrian still show the strong strength of European and American players, so last year at the Asian Games on the high-profile Ning Zetao feel great pressure. So when it comes to whether or not to expect to win a gold medal at the Rio Games next year, Ning Zetao said: "it’s still a long way off, requiring long-term planning."

in the men’s 800 meter freestyle last night for three consecutive years, Sun Yang to Ning Zetao in the semi-finals of the breakthrough said, hope you and Ning Zetao together for the Chinese swim "to take on more responsibility, and to the European players competition". The breakthrough in the short distance project Ning Zetao, and the strength of the medium and long distance in the joint, for the Chinese swimming in the field of Freestyle in the world to establish a competitive ability can not be ignored in the world of Sun Yang.

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