Tanabata Festival with fire which economy

for China, almost any little special holiday has become a festival. Moreover, the festival can be more than just a simple, because of the holiday effect, many economies have been driven, in the huge consumption, many markets have created a higher turnover. So, Tanabata Festival with fire which economy?

shopping mall promotional war, the electricity supplier launched Tanabata special love theme hotel room is hard to find…… About a week before the arrival of the Qixi Festival, many businesses keen sense has been ahead of preheating, seize the "romantic economy", targeted customer groups are not limited to the couple, even a single person has also joined the "buy buy buy" team. Chinese traditional festivals of the commercial atmosphere is getting stronger, and every day will buy for this phenomenon, people have different views.

store gifts, jewelry sales rose wholesale prices rose two times

Tanabata about a week before the arrival of major shopping malls have been aimed at business opportunities, began a fiery promotion. Tanabata special offers, full 600 to send 100, the audience of 50 percent off…… All kinds of discount promotions dazzling, many businesses have also launched a Valentine’s Day theme related activities won the eye.

recently, the reporter visited the major shopping malls in Beijing learned that women’s clothing, jewelry, cosmetics and other commodities in the Tanabata Festival will usher in a sales peak.

"in recent years, the Tanabata Festival every year, there will be a significant increase in the sales of jewelry counters, we will launch a special campaign for the festival every year." Fuchengmen Hualian mall jewelry counter sales staff said that the Qixi Festival is very fancy jewelry brand marketing node, this year the store specialized in the pre launch of a variety of couple diamond ring, to attract potential customers.

Tanabata Festival every year, the mall’s gifts of goods and catering sales will be popular. All brands will also launch their own promotional activities." Xidan Joy relevant person in charge of the new network

in addition to jewelry, as a traditional Valentine’s Day gifts also ushered in the peak sales, rose prices are soaring.

is located in the south of Haidian District Academy of Sciences, a flower shop clerk told reporters that the Qixi Festival three or four days before the holiday, roses and other flowers wholesale price rose by two times, the retail price naturally rises. When asked about the rise in the retail price rose rose Tanabata day, the store shook his head and said, it is difficult to predict."

electricity supplier play Tanabata card for all kinds of goods paste lovers label

in addition to the store, electricity providers in recent years will also be regarded as "the Qixi Festival military a hotly contested spot".

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