Master three purchasing skills can easily open a clothing store

certainly do business always replenishment, but for what no rookie who successfully grasp the purchase method is not simple, many first-time shop investors because the eyes are not allowed, all suffered in the first purchase, some people even joked: clothing store opened the first batch of goods will be the backlog, so the best the first batch of less some of the goods. Here are some tips for purchasing clothing stores:

clothing store purchasing skills: style selection

to believe that their first instinct, at first glance, feel good style, can take, at first glance, don’t feel, see the eye that nice style, carefully take, because there is no customer like you have the time and patience to see many eyes; some styles of manufacturers or wholesalers recommend to you. Don’t believe him, he does not understand your needs style, perhaps he was trying to sell his just selling styles to you; to take don’t take the money, do not grasp, do not take.

clothing store purchasing skills: cheap goods to rational treatment

for some cheap goods, not only because of its cheap take, unless you are sure to earn some money, because in his body, although very cheap, the style or quality is not so good, even where you suddenly realize that it is flawed, thus eventually it will become it became chicken ribs, because your customers they don’t just love this cheap and no special styles of goods.

clothing store purchasing skills: take goods quantity and size

stock is the most important to learn according to local conditions, according to the need to purchase, do not blindly into too much or too little, each style can take, take the goods quantity not each too much, now manufacturers business is not doing well, unless particularly good, he can two or three to take your permission, unless you think of a may sell off, or otherwise not to carry it home, finally to buy the dress for a man is you.

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