Where is the real entrepreneur

entrepreneurial boom seems to be surging, but it was said that investment in winter has come. This cup of coffee is hot or cold? Few people can speak clearly. To be sure, the customer is still a lot of real entrepreneurs do not necessarily have a few.

these horizons seems to confirm some of the claims, most of today’s entrepreneurs are just humbug, unrealistic dreamers, and waiting for the speculators pie in the sky. In addition, a Zhongguancun Venture Street coffee hot and cold reports of people with worship emerge in an endless stream, or disdain feelings about these stories, this is a wave of entrepreneurship in my direction, and then, What one says is plausible. judgment.

especially in this era of business incubator investors could not meet the eye everywhere, dig three feet to find potential shares. If there are people in the hearts of fantasy, you can hit the jackpot in Zhongguancun Venture Street Cafe, to find a possible future listing of entrepreneurs, and the probability of winning lottery tickets.

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