Life needs to plan for you to interpret Yang Lan entrepreneurial story

The first transformation: CCTV host

before becoming CCTV presenter, Yang Lan is a college student in Beijing foreign language school, or a lack of confidence in some girls, even because listening class couldn’t understand and very upset. It was not until later that the hearing level was improved that the confidence was gradually restored. She said: "I often feel that I am not a talented and extremely intelligent person." But all this did not affect Yang Lan’s subsequent success. Diligent efforts of her, not only bold and forthright, usually have their own unique perspective.

four years CCTV host occupation career, not only broaden the vision of Yang Lan, more established her future development direction: do a real media.

Second Transformation: American students

select torrents yongtui in business when the most bright, it means she must give up what we have today, including accessible bright future. But Xie Guomin, President of the group, who helped her to study abroad, said: "I don’t think there is one person who is important." It left a deep impression on Yang Lan.When

26 years old, Yang Lan went to the Columbia University, studying professional international media. On one occasion, Yang Lan wrote a paper to write at two o’clock in the middle, it is easy to knock over, there is no time to save, the computer crashed. Yang Lan was crying, I think second days can not pay. Dormitory is very quiet around, in addition to their own crying, only in the dormitory of the rat in the crawling. But in the end, she wiped away her tears and finished the paper. Talk about this period of life, Yang Lan said: "some people may encounter suffering than a bit more than others, but I encountered difficulties is not less than the others, because no one thing is an easy job to do, need to experience the hardships of injustice, as children too".

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