How to maintain the store image

store image is the owner of the continuous efforts to shape up, but if you want to have been maintained, naturally also need to pay more efforts to do more work. So, how to maintain the store image? Here, let Xiaobian with everyone together to understand, to see how this work can be done in place.

retail terminal image construction in the joint efforts of the tobacco companies and retailers of the two party, has made remarkable achievements, walking in the city streets today, from time to time was greeted everywhere obvious characteristics and feel a new point of sale. As a commodity sales, enhance the attractiveness and increase the flow of people, speeding up the circulation of commodities, as soon as possible to acquire the sales profit should be the hope of achieving the goal of every business, and maintain the image of the store will be long-term means.

but in some areas I see some shop owners did not recognize this, although the store after rectification, but to maintain the image often in a passive state, smoke cabinet booth dust thick, store light dark, goods are not timely adjustment, in winter the whole store always give people the cold wind, depression feeling, to achieve the ideal sales performance is impossible things like the store image. So how to maintain the store image? The author thinks that it can be considered from four aspects:


store is to keep the environment clean, especially the display of goods containers, shelves, display and other places, to regular cleaning finishing, can not let the customer see he wanted to buy the goods is placed in a dirty place, do not let customers heart dust.

two is to keep the store bright light, the pendulum shows goods should let go in pedestrians outside the shop to see clearly, not dark, unknown. Only let the customer heart clear, can arouse the desire to buy. Of course, the brightness of the shop to fit into the store customers browse products, not too strong, otherwise counterproductive.

three is to maintain the proper temperature inside the store, regardless of winter and summer conditions, the owners can try to keep the proper temperature in the shop, the big supermarket shopping mall is good, but how to do some small stores to take some thinking, such as winter could add transparent and isolated glass partition, store open the heater or the installation of small displacement air conditioning, anyway let customers from outside uncomfortable environment into a warm and pleasant store, so even if the customer doesn’t buy goods, but my heart has been to the shop has a good impression, if necessary, the customer will be the first time to think of the store.

four is to keep the store to attract, some clothing store in store furnishings fashion style to attract flow past the eye, as the cigarette sales shop, also can build some new image to attract customers, the image is varied, as long as the set, they should be long-term maintenance, maintain a distinctive and eye-catching bright. A >

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