Want free tasting good effect also need to pay attention to what


is free tasting, naturally want to eat after consumers can purchase, so that the operation of free tasting types of promotional activities, to seize the customer’s mouth, then you can catch the customer’s wallet. But to think through free tasting has good promotion effect, should pay attention to the following points:

, a sample to choose distributed in time and place the right place, right.

try activities operating places should be the target consumer groups have more places to purchase products is also more convenient places, and in the larger flow of people time to operate as appropriate. At the same time, the best choice of products sales season to operating activities, because this season will be more acceptable to a wider population.

For example,

on a hot day eat iced drinks, will be welcomed by consumers. As in the autumn is also a good choice to eat candy dry.

, two sample to ensure the health, convenience food.

sample of health is very important, which will lead directly to customers dare to eat, and even affect the brand preferences. If possible, the best tasting product can take independent packing, carry and eat for the convenience of the customer. Moreover, to health improve site promotion and promotion staff personal hygiene, let the customer feel the whole sample is health, they will be safe to eat.

, three sample flavors to meet local consumer preferences.

had a snack with some spicy taste, in the Guangdong campaign ended in failure. Because Cantonese is generally afraid of spicy, and eat spicy after tasting product can not be timely to drink water to ease the goodwill of the brand, will be all gone. This kind of food taste good, if at home, with some drinks, fruits and other food together, there may be some Cantonese would like. But try to eat in shopping malls, supermarkets and other places, the customer will obviously feel too hot.

four, try to effectively target population activities.

products distributed to target consumer groups, and not blindly distributed, resulting in waste of resources. Moreover, to take into account the acceptance of the target population psychology, can not let them feel that the psychological burden of petty cheap.

five, distribution should be able to effectively attract customer attention.

a free sample itself is a process of advertising, should as far as possible to show the company’s good image, to enhance the customer’s impression and goodwill.

there’s a company on Christmas Eve

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