How to use square dance realized

although many businessmen have been aware of such a special group of square dance aunt to create wealth, however, how these wealth but also known as realized a problem bothering many investors. So, how to use square dance realized? Let’s look at how the hero in the article did it.

square dance Bi Gang, once on the China dream show stage, its own just dance in the square dance aunt has a high popularity.

just Bi income mainly depends on the teaching and the business of about two hundred thousand yuan a year income is also quite good. In order to seek greater personal brand value, he set up a cultural media company in 2013, trying to cut into the square dance market through the company’s operation. In fact, just like after this square dance Master and many, a large part of the people doing the same thing and just after, when the dance teacher tuition, or do the red envelopes, basically belong to individual combat, commercial operation really is very limited.

is not an example of success, star dance teacher Yang Yi rely on personal fame, a variety of resources associated with the square dance together to start a platform business.

Yang Yi had run "dance" in the CCTV program as a long-term ballroom dance and Latin dance teacher, he has become the idol of dance lovers ear. In the process of years of teaching dance, Yang Yi took a lot of dance teaching video, and these teaching video transcribed into a CD to sell to the public.

Yang Yi was the CD is unique, it is said that he will be a dance teaching CD into 12 class 36, and then set up a dance class certificate. Dance lovers every test a secondary, to pay a test fee to buy 3 teaching CD, after passing the exam will be issued with a certificate of Yang Yi’s name. And if you want to pass all 12 tests, you have to pay a fee of 12.

although Yang Yifa’s certificate is not recognized by the state, but the dance lovers feel very glory. Yang Yi clever use of the worship of the people to build a self certified and sales system, which was later used in the square dance business. In 2011, Yang Yi registered Chinese square dance association limited liability company in Hongkong in the mainland, known as the "China Square Dance Association, he personally served as chairman, and the purple butterfly, Chun Ying, Princess star square dance teacher all roped to its vice chairman.

this time, Yang Yi realized the way to sell clothes. He invested in the garment factory, the organization of the star teacher in the online shop, in Baidu search square dance clothing monopoly, there will be Yang Yi square dance clothing monopoly, purple butterfly square dance clothing monopoly and other shops. It is said that insiders, each of these shops sell a piece of clothing, Yang Yi can be divided into one year

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